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Any company with 50 or more employees is required to complete the ACA information reporting. If the reports are incomplete or filed incorrectly, a company can face stiff fines per employee. We can generate the reports, get them verified by the designated government entity and electronically file the reports at little or NO COST.



• Keep your current payroll provider

• Keep your current insurance coverage



• Simplifying benefit enrollment

• Simplifying benefit administration



• Help educate your employees about their benefits

• Give employees more benefit choices at no additional     cost

• Provide a Help Line for employees to navigate health     insurance

• Great service, great savings


If your payroll provider, benefit consultant, or CPA has not advised you on ACA compliance, we can help you. Due to the fast approaching deadline, time is of the essence. Don’t make Jan. 2016 turn into a data-gathering nightmare.



Get a free analysis of your current benefits from an employee benefit expert with 40+ years of experience. Call to see if we can save you between 15-30% while increasing you benefits.


CALL: 678-436-8777


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