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Mission: Using the most up to date technology, coupled with a thorough knowledge of benefits, we are prepared to aid you through the often challenging world of employee benefits. We are committed to remaining flexible and innovative so that we are able to address the changing needs of our customers. We will continue improving and expanding both our portfolio and our service platform to address customers’ future needs. Symmetry Benefits Solutions is prepared to exceed your expectations by offering prompt, responsive service, customizable technology, and knowledgeable home office support.

We would love to meet with you so that we can explain why our benefits solutions are superior to other plans.


In the 30 plus years in the employee benefits field, too often we have seen the sales approach of pushing products on potential customers. Because Symmetry is only concerned with educating our clients on the solutions that best suit the needs of everyone involved, we act as an impartial advisor. This education empowers our clients to choose the products that are customized to their circumstances. Since we are able to develop customized benefits packages, we can ensure reduced costs while maintaining effective benefits- a true “win-win” for all parties.

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