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Please review the case studies below showcasing the impactful healthcare benefit solutions provided to a variety of clients. These case studies highlight the successful implementation of innovative strategies tailored to meet specific needs, resulting in improved patient outcomes, enhanced employee wellness, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency. 

DeSoto Memorial Hospital in Florida, saved 54% or $1.2 Million in Health Plan

After hearing about how Mitigate Partners were significantly reducing health insurance costs for Florida based employers, Patient Rights Advocate ( asked if they could film our clients’ success stories.  PRA has been creating videos to showcase how real price transparency and direct contracting are lowering costs for innovative employers.  The group has shared these videos with Health and Human Services (HHS) Leadership and the White House Administration to highlight successful price transparency models in action and to support the need for real transparency. 

DeSoto Memorial Hospital Employee shares her personal story!

Hannah Johnson, shares her personal story w/their health plan of how she had $0 out-of-pocket expenses for the entire year including her $42,000 surgery compared to as before DeSoto moved to the FairCo$t Heath Plan, she was scared to use the plan because of affordability having to pay deductibles and coinsurance.

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital
Thinking differently and taking control results in significant cost savings and better benefits.

Better healthcare for "The Other Family Doctor"
Since 1994, Atlantic Veterinary Hospital has provided care for the four-legged family members in Marblehead and surrounding communities.  Just like we expect of our family doctors, the team has always focused on excellent veterinary care to patients and old-fashioned personal service to clients.

Employee Case Study

Gasparilla Inn & Club in Florida saves $1.6 Million over 3 years!

In July 2016, the Gasparilla Inn moved off its fully insured plan onto Mitigate's FairCo$t self-funded health plan with $0 deductibles and mostly copays and 100% coinsurance.  By July 2019 it had saved over $1.8 million -- a 34% reduction.  Under the new plan, the Gasparilla Inn is projected to save $5 million over the next five years. 

Link Technologies
A successful business embraces a better plan that delivers more benefits with lower costs.

A Winning Plan for Employees and the Business
Established in 2000, Link Technologies serves clients in the areas of Information Technology, Software Engineering, Business Support, Project Management, and Cyber Security/Information Assurance.  The company has an impressive client roster that includes both private companies and government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.  Headquarted in Nevada, Link Technologies also has offices throughout the U.S. in Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, and Utah.

Moose Pharmacy
The local pharmacy takes control of its employer-sponsored healthcare plan to better serve its employees and lower costs.

Better benefits for important customers - Their Employees
Moose Pharmacy opened in 1882 in Mt. Pleasant, NC, just northeast of the metro Charlotte area.  As the name suggests, the business is a family-owned and operated pharmacy that has grown from one location to now proudly serving customers at seven locations in the area all under the active management of the Moose family spanning four generations.

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