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Employee Benefits must be good for everyone!

Symmetry Benefit Solutions adopts a strategic cost-saving approach to employee benefits through its self-funded benefits program.  Through careful analysis of claims data and utilization patterns, we identify areas for cost containment and implements targeted solutions to optimize the efficiency of its benefits program. This proactive approach enables us to customize benefits packages tailored to the specific needs of your workforce while simultaneously managing expenses and maximizing value for both the company and its employees.

A Win Win For Employers, Employees
And The Community

Case Studies
Blurred Business People use to represent a business environment. They may be discussing their health benefits plan.


  • Lower healthcare costs to reinvest in business.

  • Lower cost of goods or service to attract more customers.

  • Attract and retain the brightest and best employees.

  • Make products and services globally more competitive.

  • Healthier employees are more productive employees.

  • Employees that feel they are taken care of are more loyal.


  • Lower healthcare costs increase take home pay

  • Lower out of pocket costs

  • Access to care will improve health

  • Can increase savings into 401K or other savings programs

  • If health care costs had increased with the pace of inflation since 2007, the average US family would have $5,000 more to spend after taxes each year

  • Help employees take ownership of their health plan

  • Educate employees about how to get the most out of their health plan


  • Use local doctors, not Wall Street doctors

  • Services provided by local clinics and pharmacies, not large conglomerates

  • Community owner healthcare, not corporations owned 

  • Lowering company healthcare costs put more money back in the community

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