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Private Healtcare Exchange

How it Works

Choosing and using benefits with the Bright Choices Exchange


Bright Choices® helps employees easily select a benefits portfolio that meets their coverage needs. With robust, simple to use decision-support tools and educational materials, Bright Choices is there for employees, all year round.

Complete Profile

Employees fill out a simple questionnaire about their health, wealth, and personality.

Shop for Benefits

Next they receive a personalized recommendation based on their answers. Employees are then free to choose the recommended portfolio or continue to shop for benefits in the exchange.

Manage Benefits

Once enrolled, employees can access information about their benefits, track expenses with Simplee®ONE and make enrollment changes due to life events.

The employee is in control of choosing benefits

Employees can choose the plans recommended by Bright Choices, or pick anything else in the store. Bright Choices also helps them understand and evaluate all plan options with:

The employer is supported every step of the way

Liazon partners with employers, to help them with everything from implementation to reporting to administration.Liazon supports employers with:


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