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Whenever someone is spending other people’s money, price doesn’t matter. This is true when it comes to our children or government. The best way to have someone worry about price is to have them spend their own money. A CDH  gets the end user of healthcare involved. There are Health Reimbursement Arrangements HRA, Health Savings Accounts HSA, and Flexible Spending Accounts FSA. One of the drawbacks to these programs is that even though employees are using pre-tax dollars, they are still using dollar for dollar to pay out of pocket expenses. An alternative approach would be to use pennies on the dollar in order to cover their out of pocket expense. This can be done with the Bankers Fidelity Mediflex Plus plan. Employees can increase their deductable on their health insurance and add the Mediflex Plus. This will lower their cost while giving them first dollar benefits to cover their deductibles. This lower cost of health insurance saves money for both the employee and the employer.


Benefits to the Employer:

  • Lowers cost of healthcare insurance

  • Improves present benefits for happier employees which helps with

retention and recruiting.

  • Enrollment system helps employees understand hidden cost of beneifits

Benefits to the Employees

  • Save on healthcare cost

  • Gives first dollar benefits

  • Enrollment system helps understand benefits and more comprehensive 

Consumer Driven Healthcare

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